Fire Marshal Training Course


AIMS: This course is a Fire Marshal training programme aimed at all staff, to ensure that they have a basic knowledge of Fire and Fire extinguishers.


  • Raise the standard of Fire awareness in the workplace
  • Ensure that all personnel undergo basic Fire awareness training with the view to making a positive contribution to the prevention of accidents and avoidance of health hazards
  • Maintain a register of personnel who have received such training
  • Will provide all participants with a Fire Marshal certificate

BY THE END OF THE COURSE delegates will know what Fire Extinguishers to use, know the different types of bottles, know how to put out a fire and be aware of the role of Fire Marshall.

It is important that workers have a basic knowledge of Fire and Fire extinguishers to make them aware of the inherent dangers in the workplace so that they will not be a risk to themselves or to their co-workers who work alongside them.

We also carry out full fire risk assessments including all relevant paperwork and plans

Course duration

Half Day (up to 5 delegates


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