Asbestos Awareness Training Course


AIMS:  The object of this course is to help employees appreciate the risks and problems associated with working areas where asbestos may be present.

  • Health & Safety risks of asbestos
  • Personal Protective Equipment care and use
  • Anticipation of asbestos problems
  • Identification of possible asbestos content in various materials
  • Probable location of hidden asbestos material
  • Handling of possible asbestos materials
  • Requirements for positive or negative identification
  • Isolation of possible exposed areas
  • Requirements for licensed removal experts
  • Disposal of waste products

BY THE END OF THE COURSE delegates will have a understanding of the dangers of asbestos, and what precautions and procedures to follow when coming into contact with asbestos, creating a safer environment.

Course duration

half day (up to 5 delegates)

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